Father's Day Sale For 2024

Father's Day Sale For 2024
History of Father’s Day
In United States, the Father's Day celebration started after Sonora Smart Dodd, the daughter of a Civil War veteran, wanted to pay tribute to all fathers around the world. William Jackson Smart, the father of Sonora Smart Dodd, had six children including Sonora. He was a single father. Sonora decided to honour him by choosing his birth date 5 June 1982, to celebrate Father's Day. She was inspired by Anna Jarvis, the woman who started Mother's Day. Unfortunately, her petition didn't get much support from her church, so she had to get help from other local churches. Eventually, the date was moved from 5 June to the 3rd Sunday of June. The first Father's Day was celebrated in 1910.
Father's day is drawing near, and you might be having the pressure of searching for a gift to show appreciation. Sure, your father requires a perfect gift on this special day. But you don't have to use all your money to buy him the best gift. Dukwin has the best Father's day sales to enable everyone to snag a gift and save money. Save 50% for Father's day collections which you can find on our website. Our deals involve watch winders which help to extend the life of all types of watches.
Hurry! And snag a fantastic watch winder before they get out of stock. We have limited stock, and the offer will end on 20 June.
Top Deals
Our Father's day deals consist of fingerprint watch winders that come with a modern design. A watch winder is essential for keeping your automatic watches functioning effectively. Its high gloss finish and wood insets create a beautiful appearance. In addition, it features an LCD display, making it easy to use and set up. The good thing about this device is the fingerprint lock which prevents unwanted access. There are different options for Fingerprint watch winders.
A watch is a status symbol for many men. But do you know that keeping it running all the time can cause wear and tear? Luckily, there are watch winders that self-lubricate themselves to prevent issues with the watch's gears. Dukwin understands how important it is to own a watch winder.

Automatically reset the watches

Grab a stylish watch winder to keep your dad's watch ticking each time. With this battery-powered device, your dad will not spend a lot of time resetting it. After a few days of not putting on his watch, he can wear it without worrying about readjusting the settings.

Keep the watch running each day

The self-lubrication of the watch winders ensures that the watch gears are functioning properly. Watches kept in watch winders do not encounter damages and wear and tear, thus keeping them functioning all the time.

Protect the watches

A watch winder will offer a good place for your dad to store his valuable watches. Our watch winders come with pillowed drawers to ensure that the watches don't get damaged. Also, they feature separate areas for each watch to prevent them from being too close, thus, reducing damages.

Don't wait for the last-minute rush since we have limited items for Father's Day. Allow your dad to stay a stress-free life without having to worry about protecting and resetting his watches. Dukwin is a good solution for helping you get a unique Father's day gift.

Don't be left out. Shop now and grab a watch winder before the deal ends. The good thing about Dukwin is that you will get 30 days return and 12 months warranty.


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