How to set optimal winding parameters for my watch ?

How to set optimal winding parameters for my watch ?

Before using an adjustable watch winder, it is therefore essential to determine the optimal winding parameters and calibre of the watch model.

All automatic watches have different TPD requirements but on average most automatic watches need a minimum of 650-1200 TPD. All of our watch winders are accommodate this minimum requirement.

If you do not have access to your watch’s user guide for whatever reason or if you would just like to experiment, here are some more detailed tips that will help you set up your timepiece with your new automatic watch winder:

  1. Because your winder will not wind a watch that has totally stopped, begin by manually winding your watch by turning the crown 20 to 30 times.
  2. Carefully place your watch in the winder, making sure that it is fully seated in the holder. Then adjust TPD to its lowest setting and select bi-directional rotation mode.
  3. Turn the winder on. Over the next 48 hours or so, periodically check to see if the watch is still keeping accurate time. In general, automatics have approximately 40 hours of reserve from the time they have been wound. If the time is still correct after two days, this is the right setting for you and you don’t need to do any more experimenting,
  4. However, if the time is wrong, increase to the next TPD setting and repeat the above process.
  5. If the time is correct after two days, you have found the right setting.
  6. If the time is wrong, set the winder to rotate clockwise only and repeat the procedure.
  7. If the time is still correct after two days, this is your proper setting.
  8. If the time is incorrect, set it to rotate counterclockwise only and repeat the procedure.

Knowing how to properly use a quality watch winder is great way of ensuring your watch collection functions optimally well into the future!

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