Special Edition- 9 Watch Winder with Upgraded Fingerprint UnLock RGB Light Large Watch Box

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Special Edition- 9 Watch Winder with Upgraded Fingerprint UnLock RGB Light Large Watch Box

Special Edition- 9 Watch Winder with Upgraded Fingerprint UnLock RGB Light Large Watch Box

Model DK20-009
Color Sandalwood+Black PU Leather
Product Dimension 35cm(L) x 21cm(W) x 49cm(H) / 13.78"x 8.27"x 19.29"
Package Dimension 45cm(L) x 31cm(W) x 60cm(H) / 17.72"x 12.20"x 23.62"
Type Fingerprint entry, RGB light changing, LED light stripe, Remote control, LCD touchscreen panel, Mabuchi Motor
Material Acrylic, Superior PU leather, Sandalwood
Power Supply 100-240V AC Adapter(CE, UL, ROHS certificate)
N.W 10.9KG/24.03lb
G.W 12.9KG/28.44lb
Package 1 * Device
1 * 100-240V AC Adapter (Optional AU/ EU/ US/ UK)
1 * Clean Cloth/Brush
1 * User Manual
1 * Remote Control
1 * Admin Keys


Direction: clockwise/counter clockwise/clockwise+counter clockwise

TPD Calculation Method: 10 turns per cycle

24-hour mode operating cycle (minutes) =1440/ (TPD/10 turns);

12-hour mode operating cycle (minutes) =1440/ (TPD/10 turns) /2;

8-hour mode operating cycle (minutes) =1440/ (TPD/10 turns) /3;

e.g: TPD set to 650, clockwise, 24 hours mode. Then the running period (minutes) =22.2, that is, each cycle is 22.2 minutes.

Cycle execution: the time required for the motor to rotate clockwise 10 times + the motor stop time = 22.2 minutes. In the 12 (8 hours) working mode, the cycle runs for 12 (8 hours) hours and then stops; stops for 12 (16 hours) hours, and then restarts the cycle.


  • STUNNING DESIGN: The 9 watch winders details a stunning superior PU leather interior and sandalwood with high gloss, 10-Layer piano baking lacquer exterior that will make a statement in your home.
  • STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY: Use your fingerprint to lock and unlock the winder to prevent unwanted access. The fingerprint sensor can set up to 20 fingerprint users(2 administrator and 18 user accounts). Besides, Our watch winder box has two unlocking methods, fingerprint verification and using admin key.The dual unlocking method gives you double protection.
  • BUILT RGB LIGHT AND LED LIGHT STRIPE: RGB lights with colorful changing, the watch winders makes your watches look gorgeous and mysterious. Comes with LED light Stripe that can be turned on/off to illuminate and beautifully showcase your automatic watch collection.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY AND REMOTE CONTROL: To keep on top of the different winding requirements of your watches, programming the rotors needs to be easy. Dukwin has the answer with a convenient digital display. The ability to switch between settings is ideal as you grow your watch collection. Better still, the watch winder comes complete with a remote control, so you can remotely control any setting of the automatic watch winder.

  • ROTATION MODE: You can turn up and turn down to set the number of Turns-Per-Day from 300 to 2300 TPD. The up button increases by 50 each time, over 300 TPD returns to 2300 TPD cycle.

  • DIRECTIONAL SETTINGS: Clockwise, counter clockwise and bi-directional.
  • PERFECT PRESENTATION: The rotors come to rest at the starting position after each winding cycle for a better display of your watches, known as 12 O’clock stop which make sure your timepieces are displayed perfectly.
  • WATCH CUFF: This unique patent design is best match for different size of watch brace-let/wrist. It can hold 150-220mm Watch Band. Detachable base to accommodate all wrist sizes without putting pressure on your bracelet.

  • ULTRA-QUIET MOTORS: Dukwin automatic watch winder adopts low acoustical noise japanese mabuchi motor to rotate your watches. The imported motor has an efficient movement to reduce consumption of the watch winding machine.