General Questions

How do I check the status of my order and get the tracking number?

The status of your order can also be looked up online on our “Track Your Order” page.


When will my order to ship?

Orders are usually shipped out within 2-4 business days except on weekends. During this time, we will do quality check and pack to ensure deliver safely.


When will my order arrive?

Most standard shipments are sent through our local warehouse: Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Germany. Some of them will send from our Chinese Warehouse directly if the stock is insufficient supply.

UK Stock: Item will simply arrive within 2-4 business days after it is dispatched.

US Stock: Item will simply arrive within 7-10 business days after it is dispatched.

AU Stock: Item will simply arrive within 5-7 business days after it is dispatched.

DE Stock: Item will simply arrive within 2-4 business days after it is dispatched.

CN stock: Item will simply arrive within 13-25 business days after it is dispatched.

We use reputable couriers like UPS, YODEL and DHL, all items will be tracked for your peace of mind.


Do Dukwin watch winders have a warranty?

Yes, all DUKWIN watch winders come with a full 1-year warranty.




Watch Winder Questions

What type of watch needs a watch winder?

The watch winders that we carry should be used for automatic watches only. Other watches such as kinetic, battery (quartz) operated, or manual watches should not used with a watch winder.


What is the correct setting for my watch?

All automatic watches have different TPD requirements but on average most automatic watches need a minimum of 650-1200 TPD. All of our watch winders can set it up to 1950 TPD.

To find the right setting for your watch we recommend the following procedure:

1) Manually wind the watch by turning the crown 20-30 times. The watch winder will not wind a completely dead watch.

2) Set the winder to the lowest TPD setting and bi-directional rotation. Place the watch in the winder and make sure it is seated properly and securely in the holder.

3) Turn the winder on and periodically check to make sure the time is correct. Most automatics have a maximum of 40 hours of power reserve when fully wound so if the time is correct after 2 full days, this is the proper setting for your watch.

4) If the time is incorrect, please set it to the next highest TPD setting and try again.

5) If the time is incorrect, please set it to clockwise only and try again.

6) If the time is incorrect, please set it to counter-clockwise only and try again.

7) If the watch works while it is being worn but does not work in the winder, it may need to be serviced. When a watch is worn, the movements it experiences are not as smooth as in a watch winder, so while a watch may work when its worn it may not work when in the winder. Watch winders move very smoothly so if the lubrication inside the watch has congealed from not being in use, the watch may need to be serviced.

Here is a list of popular watch brands and the common settings for most of their watches.


Which watch winder do I need for my automatic watch?

All of the watch winders we carry are designed to wind all brands of watches so every watch winder we sell will work for your watch. The choice comes down to how many watches you would like to wind and the design, but all of the winders we carry will work for all models of watches on the market.


Will your watch winders overwind a watch?

It is possible to overwind a watch but our method of gentle rotation protects against this.


Will my watch strap circumference be suitable for a DUKWIN watch winder?

Our standard cushion will fit most of watches. We now have two different cushions:

Classic series: They can fit a wrist of circumference 19-24cm. Each winder case has 2 extra PU Leather to meet different size of watch.

Intelligent & Modern series: Adjustable cushion. They can fit a wrist of circumference 19-24cm. We have prepared 2 extra EVA cotton pats for smaller women watches.


Can you control each winder independently?

Yes! All winders work independently.


Is it possible to change the color of backlight?

No, the backlight color is led blue and can not be changed.


Can the led light be turned off?

Yes, the light can be turned off.


Does this come with the power adapter&power cord?

Yes, it comes with its own power adapter and a power cord.


Does this watch winder support fingerprint and key lock at the same time?

Yes, our upgraded watch winder is fingerprint and key lock 2 in 1, improve unlock security.


Is the fingerprint easy to set up and how many sets of user fingerprints can be supported?

Yes, it is easy to set up. Comes with the manual, please follow the instructions to set it up. Support up to 10 user fingerprints.


How to clear fingerprints?

If you need to return the product after setting your fingerprint, please contact us to provide technical documents for clear fingerprints before returning the product.


What's the mean of button "Open Shut Down" ?

It allows you to decide if you want the watches to stop spinning when you open the cover.

When the switch is turned to "1", the front cover opens and the dial stops rotating.

When the switch is turned to "O", the front cover opens and the dial continues to rotate.


How to clear the original fingerprint?

Please refer to the video:

1. Install the technical file package on the computer
2. Open the user clear fingerprint tool document
3. Input the fingerprint of non administrator to make the fingerprint lock and the indicator light turn red, then connect the USB interface and the indicator light turns green
4. The indicator box on the computer turns blue, enter the password 88888888, click restall on the right, reset successfully, and a line of prompt text will appear at the bottom of the technical document.

If it fails, please repeat the above operation, thank you!