What is an Automatic Watch?


As its name suggests, an automatic watch automatically winds itself.  Basically, the wearer provides the watch’s energy simply be wearing it – their motions transfer the energy to its mechanisms.  

What is a Watch Winder?  


As its name suggests, a watch winder keeps the automatic watch properly wound.  The watch winder’s motor simulates the wearer’s motions and continues the required energy transfer.  


A good watch winder also doubles as a storage and display unit.  And, fingerprint based watch winders also offer security and ease of access.


What are Fingerprint Watch Winders?


Most things that hold precious items and information claim to offer security.  Websites, emails, social media, and other online accounts require logins and passwords.  Safes and home alarms require similar codes.  But, sometimes, these security measures fail and someone with malicious intent hacks into an account and accesses personal information.  Thieves also break into homes and open safes and steal personal belongings.   .  


The latest innovation now utilizes biometric technology.  As its name suggests, such uses retinas, faces, fingerprints and other biological markers for identification (Star Wars/Star Trek fans should easily understand this technology).  


An individual’s biometric markers are unique.  Criminal investigators have been using fingerprint analysis for years – the chances of two people having identical fingerprints is infinitesimal.  So, with such technology, an owner simply registers their fingerprint with the system and they’re set to go – no one else can utilize the system (many smartphones now successfully use such technology).  


This is essentially how a fingerprint based watch winder works.  The owner simply scans their finger into the system and when they want to open the device, they simply touch it.   And, just like that, the watch winder opens.  


Imagine the peace-of-mind.  Imagine the ease.  No more fumbling for keys.  No more worrying about passwords or codes.  


We are passionate about automatic watches and watch winders.  It sought to care for its automatic watches and, several years ago, fell in love with watch winders.  Such inspired it to create its own line and offer them to other enthusiastic, automatic watch owners. 


If you’re looking for a fingerprint based watch winder, look no further than Dukwin.  It offers several options for the automatic watch wearer that offers both excellent watch winding abilities and biometric fingerprint security.  Available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 watch capacity winders.